Our Firm

Diversified Wealth Management uses a financial planning approach that centers on two primary objectives:

1 - To develop a sound, trusting and long-term relationship with each client.

2 - To develop a planning process, which is typically a comprehensive 7 step approach.  The seven steps are:

Step 1: Identify/Establish goals - Identification of the clients needs and the development of an individual Investment Policy Statement that addresses how we work together.

Step 2: Gather pertinent data - (e.g. Financial statements)

Step 3:  Analysis - Using the Diversified Wealth Management program to model likely outcomes and determine a % chance of success for your current situation.

Step 4: Contacting/Developing a Wealth Management Team for the client.

Step 5: Formulate a Strategy: Create a strategy that has a better chance of meeting all client goals without taking additional risk within the portfolio (if possible).

Step 6: Implement the Plan.

Step 7: Review and Monitor performance and progress.